Welcome to the new SkibDen.dk – The largest online database on Danish Medals!

SkibDen.dk should be the go-to resource on all danish orders and medals, historic of present, official or private.
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What’s new?

I’m working on deleting the website. I simply don’t have the time nor energy to update it. Content is being moved to lex.dk the Danish national encyclopedia, or if there is a good wikipedia-site I’ll might just delete it from here.

I’m a real fan of information being free and public and that’s one of the reasons I made this website in the first place. I’m not going to throw out any information and I will make sure that the content and knowledge will be available other places online.

It’s been really fun to run the website and I’ve made a lot of great friend from all around the world – thanks a million to all of you!

As always, send me an email at let me know what you think!

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