Official abbreviation: Fsv. TK

Instituted January 1st 2011 by Queen Margrethe 2nd.

Awarded to military and civilian personnel who, during combat or terrorist attack, have performed a most extraordinary heroic deed.
The Cross of Bravery can be compared to the US Medal of Honor or the British Victoria Cross.

Awarded by the Chief of Defence (the actual medal is presented to the recipient by the Queen)

Further information: So far the medal have only been awarded once. It was awarded by Queen Margrethe 2nd on November 18th 2011 to Sergeant Casper Westphalen Mathiesen.
Sergeant Mathiesen and a buddy from the engineer regiment fell in an ambush in Afghanistan in february 2011. The sergeants comrade was wounded by two shots, and Sergeant Mathiesen threw himself between his wounded buddy and the Taliban, and returned fire. The team was shot at from 4-5 different positions, but Sergeant Mathiesen managed to keep the enemy at bay, until a medic could reach them. As Sergeant Mathiesen had used up all his ammunition, he and the medic evacuated the area and carried their wounded buddy out of the danger zone.

Tapperhedskorset, observe. Image courtesy of Medals-org.uk.