Redningsberedskabets Medalje for International Tjeneste

Official abbreviation: R.B.

Instituted April 20th 1994 by Queen Margrethe 2nd.

Awarded to persons in the Danish Civil Defense/Fire Departments who have been send on a humanitarian mission, by the Danish Emergency Management Agency, outside the borders of Denmark, after April 1st 1991.
The medal may be awarded for participation in the following situations:
– Deployment with the intent to complete UN directives
– Deployment by the DEMA
– Deployment in accordance with agreement between DEMA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danish Red Cross or other humanitarian agencies
– Deployment in special cases by volunteers after the recommendation of the municipal fire brigade
Unlike the military medals for international operations, the Rescue Preparedness Medal may ONLY be awarded once – there are no oak leaf devices or similar.
The medal is awarded after 30 days of deployment, but unlike the military versions that have consecutive days, it’s allowed to “save up” the days.

Design: Worn in a white ribbon with 4 narrow red stripes. Obverse shows a shield with a cross in the middle, surrounded by a laurel wreath. The shield has a crown on top. The reverse have a large triangle, symbolizing the civil defence sign.

Other information: Awarded for:
– Asia 2004 (Flood / Earthquake) 22 specimen
– Pakistan 2005(Earthquake) 15 specimen
– Sudan 2005 (Camp module) 2 specimen
– Turkey 1999 (Earthquake)

Redningsberedskabets Medalje, Obverse.
This specimen was awarded to Master Sergeant (Civil Defense) H. Seifert for her participation in the Danish Emergency Mobile Hospital, Banda Ache, December 2004. Minted by M.W. Mörch and Sons, Copenhagen.