Hjemmeværnets Fortjensttegn

Official abbreviation: Hjv.Ft.

Instituted February 11th 1959 by King Frederik 9th.

Awarded to personnel who have made a special contribution to the Danish Homeguard. Typically awarded to Company-commanders after 10 years of service, and to other key-personnel after 15 years.

The Home Guard used to have a special point-system where different ranks/positions give X points a year, as well as a soldier may be given points for special services and merits. When X amount of points are reached, the medal is awarded. The point system was cancelled around 2016 (?)

Design: The medal is worn in a red ribbon with 8 thin white stripes. The obverse shows the sign of King Frederik IV.

Other information: Normally awarded on May 4th each year. Official decree (Danish)

Notable recipients:Maj. John Vintar, Col. Edward Gaylord, Lt. Col. Howard Schauer, all National Guard Bureau, are the first US/Canadian soldiers to recieve the medal. All three was awarded the medal as an appreciation of their work to bring the Danish Home Guard and the US National Guard closer together.

The Homeguard Medal of Merit obverse. Image courtesy of Forsvaret.