Hæderstegn for God Tjeneste i Redningsberedskabet

Official abbreviation: Ht.C.F.

Instituted April 25th 1963 by King Frederik 9th.

Awarded to personnel after 25 years of good service in the Civil Defense.
Eligible are active volunteers and employees of the Danish Emergency Management Agency and the Municipal Civil Defense.

Awarded by the Director of the Danish Emergency Management Agency

Other information: Full-time, part-time and some volunteer firefighters in charge of the daily emergency preparedness are given the Fire Department Long Service Medal
Members of both the Civil Defense and the Municipal Firebrigade may only be awarded one of the two medals.
Name changed from Hæderstegnet for 25 års god tjeneste i Civilforsvaret to Hæderstegnet for 25 års god tjeneste i Redningsberedskabet on April 26th 2012.

Price: The medals are ordered by the local authority (Normally municipal fire chief) and the order is processed by the Danish Emergency Management Agency (Beredskabsstyrelsen).
The price that the “buyer” pays are as follows (2019):
25 year medal: 693 DKK
40 year medal: 763 DKK
50 year medal: 769 DKK

Design: Suspended from a red/white ribbon with opposite centre stripes. The obverse have the sign of King Frederik IV and the reverse have the Civil Defense crest and the word “FORTJENT” (English: DESERVED).
The crest is shaped as a shield (Symbolizing protection) with a Danish flag (Symbolizing Denmark), a bomb (symbolizing a threat) and a wing protecting the flag (Symbolizing the Civil Defence). The shield have a crown on top.
The flag and bomb can also be seen in other medals, such as the Badge of Honor of the League of Civil Defence.