Hæderstegn for God Tjeneste i Politiet

Official abbreviation, 25 years of service: Ht.P.
40 years of service: Ht.P.40.

Instituted June 18th 1959 by King Frederik 9th.
40 years of service version instituted 1. November 2017

Awarded to policemen, office personnel and legal personnel after 25 years of service after their 21st birthday.
After 40 years of service a silver oak leaf device is added to the medal.

Awarded by the Justice Minister

Design: The medal is worn in a green ribbon with a central white stripe.
The obverse shows the large police crest and the reverse has the text “Danmarks Politi – Fortjent” (English: Denmarks Police – Deserved) surrounded by a laurel wreath.