Forsvarsministerens Medalje

Official abbreviation: Fm.M.

Instituted December 7th by Queen Margrethe 2nd.

Awarded by the Minister of Defence to persons who have done noteworthy deeds.
May also be awarded to those (civilian and military, danes and foreigners) who have done heroric deeds or have been killed or wounded, who are not eligible for the normal medals.
Examples of persons who have been awarded the medal are Field Priests for long term work on international operations, private persons who have done a lot of noteworthy work on the “YMCA Soldiers Home”, and similar.

To get a more precise idea of who can be awarded the medal, take a look at notable recipients.

Other information: Second award gets a Oak leaf in silver, and third award gets a gold leaf.
Official decree (Danish)

Image courtesy of Forsvaret