Forsvarsministerens Medalje for Særlig Indsats

Official abbreviation: ???

Instituted January 7th 2022 by Queen Margrethe 2nd.

Awarded by the Minister of Defence to persons who have done noteworthy deeds.

The medal was first awarded in 2022, for those home guardsmen who got activated for national operations due to Covid-19. The medal is called “the corona medal” (coronamedaljen) by most servicemen. The original guesstimate from the Ministry of Defence in 2020, was that around 5.000 medals should be produced – as of September 2022 the MoD states to Danish media BT that 12.000 applications have been made.

As far as I can guess, the medal is intended for other kinds of operations during civilian times.

The medal can be awarded for operations after January 1st 2019.

Other information: Second award gets a Oak leaf in silver, and third award gets a gold leaf.

Note that the order of precedence is unknown at the moment.

Official decree (Danish)