Forsvarets medalje for Sårede i Tjeneste

Official abbreviation: Fsv.M.S.

Instituted December 7th 2009 by Queen Margrethe 2nd, changed October 14th 2011.

Awarded to personnel wounded in the line of duty, as a result from “acts of weaponry”, including mines used in combat or during terrorist attacks.
May also be awarded to Danes or foreigners who, for the better of the Danish Defence, has done noteworthy deeds and has been wounded during it.
As of October 14th 2011, the Danish Defence also accepts PTSD and similar psychological disorders as a “wound”.
If awarded twice a silver oak leaf device is added to the ribbon.
If awarded three times a gold oak leaf device is added to the ribbon.

Awarded by the Chief of Defense.

Other information: Official decree (Danish)
Before 2009 there was a joint medal for both those wounded and killed, called Forsvarets Medalje for Faldne og Sårede i Tjeneste. This medal can be found in the “historic medals” section.