Forsvarets Medalje for International Tjeneste i Bronze

Official abbreviation:

Instituted September 2nd 2020 by Queen Margrethe 2nd.

Awarded to members of the Danish Defense who have been deployed outside of the Kingdom of Denmark for a minimum of 30 consecutive days, in a non-combat theatre (Such as training mission, civilian missions etc), after January 1st 2010 (retroactive)

Design: Worn in a red ribbon with a thin white stripe. Obverse contains the 3 danish lions, similar to the other International Operation medals. The medal is in bronze. The reverse have a laurel wreath and inscription “FOR DANMARK” (FOR DENMARK)

Other information: Several awards, is denoted by an arabic numeral on the ribbon.
If the recipient have done a brave deed, during the deployment, a silver oak leaf is added to the ribbon. For a second brave deed, the silver oak leaf is replaced with a gold – third a silver and a gold, fourth two gold, etc, etc.
If the recipient have done an extraordinary effort, a bronze oak leaf is added to the ribbon – only one bronze leaf can be awarded per deployment and several awards on different deployments are denoted by several oak leaf devices.

Confused? Yeah, so am I.. This is a very new way to award medals in Denmark and the large amount of devices is very “un danish”.

Link to the Official decree (in Danish)

Photo courtesy of Lars Bøgh Vinther – Forsvaret