Forsvarets Medalje for Fremragende Tjeneste

Official abbreviation: Fsv.M.F.T.

Instituted 7. December 2009 by Queen Margrethe 2nd.

Awarded for extraordinary service to the Danish Defence, often awarded for heroism during combat, that do not qualify for the Medal for Bravery.
Awarded by the Cheif of Defence.

Second award gets a Oak leaf in silver, and third award gets a gold leaf.

Other information:
Official decree (Danish)

Notable Recipients:
Awarded to Sergeant Major John Christensen in May 2014 for good and professional conduct while he was as a prisoner of war by rebels forces in Ukraine. The Sergeant Major was deployed to Ukraine as an observer under the OSCE.

Very bad “artistic rendition” made by me – If you have any images of the medal, please contact me!