Forsvarets Medalje for Fortjenstfuld Indsats

Official abbreviation: Fsv.M.3

Instituted 7. december 2009 by Queen Margrethe 2nd.

Awarded to civilians or military personel who have done meritorious service to the better of the Danish Defence.
This medal is similar to the old “Defence Medal”, it has just changed name and will no longer be awarded for participation in international operations (more details below).

Other information: The Defence Medal was originally created as an award to soldiers who had done special noteworthy deeds for the defence. Instead the medal became an award given to all who participated in international operations where no UN/NATO medals existed. For example Iraq.
For the last 10 years soldiers have been complaining that there were no medal to award special non-combat deeds, and that this medal was awarded for the wrong things.
In 2010 it was decided to create some new medals. Amongst others a medal specific for international operations, and then this medal could go back to the original use.

Official decree (Danish)

Note regarding name
According to the official decree approved by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II the official name of the medal is Forsvarets Medalje for Fortjenstfuld Indsats. Several Defense articles call the medal Forsvarets Medalje for Særlig Fortjenstfuld Indsats. Please note that this is wrong.

Images courtesy of Forsvaret.

Notable recipients – Below are examples of recipients of the new medal
It should be noted that some of the recipients for this medal have done almost the same meritorious deeds as some recipients of the Minister of Defense Medal – One might ask what the real difference is between the two medals..?

Jan Brun Andersen was awarded the medal as a thanks for his great effort as the president of the “Danish Guardsmen Association” (Garderforeningen).

Peter Højland was awarded the medal as a thanks for his efforts as the president of the “Soldiers Grand” (Soldaterlegatet).

Lawrance Shorback (US) for being the project leader at the US Navy SEAHAWK office, responsible for the Danish Seahawk acquisition being on time and under budget.

Jens Peter Petersen, civilian, for spending more than 65 years taking care of a local war memorial.