Dansk Røde Kors Fortjensttegn

Official abbreviation: D.r.K.Ft.

Instituted March 28th 1963 by the Danish Red Cross.
Approved by King Frederik 9th, date unknown.

Awarded to persons in volunteer leading positions in the Red Cross.
Officially awarded after 4-6 years as a member of central board, 8-10 years as a section-manager or equal, or after 12-15 years as a member of a local board or equal. The actual times of service needed to get the medal are 2-3 times higher than this.

Design: Worn in a red ribbon with a 1/3 wide white stripe at the centre. The medal is shaped as a cross, and the obverse shows a swan with the Red Cross logo on its chest. The obverse have the text “DANSK RØDE KORS” (English: DANISH RED CROSS)

Obverse and Reverse of the medal. Image courtesy of Liverpoolmedals.com