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Welcome to SkibDen.dk - The number one source on Danish Medals!

You are now on our new MediaWiki Platform. The old website was super easy to maintain, but was also made in mostly HTML 2.0 from 1995. Unfortunately Google doesn't index old websites, so I've had to move everything to a new platform.

I hope you like it - Please send me a comment, if you find anything that's not 100% superb!

If you have any images or informations that might be of interest, please don't hesitate to contact me at Post.png

You are welcome to copy, use and distribute the information on this website, as long at it isn't used for commercial purposes or in a negative way. If you copy something from the website, please let me know as I might have extra information not yet on the website. When copying from the website you are obliged to write "Source: Skibden.dk 2005-2017" near the text. All images are copyright me, unless stated otherwise. Third party images are not to be copied without written permission from the copyrightholder.

For more info about me, take a look at My Awards.

A special thanks to:

  • Friends and foes at the Orders And Medals Society of America
  • PeO Sandberg - Deceased 2012 - Rest in peace comrade
  • Oluf W. Korsgaard - Deceased 2011 - Rest in peace comrade
  • Megan C. Robertson
  • The Blue Berets Næstved
  • Helle E. Seifert
  • Giv Blod
  • M/69 Community