Beredskabsforbundets Hæderstegn

Official abbreviation: B.F.Ht
Historic abbreviation: C.F.F.H.

Instituted November 9th. 1956 and Approved November 30th. 1956 by King Frederik 9th.
Changed name from “Civilforsvars-Forbundets Hæderstegn” to “Beredskabsforbundets Hæderstegn” (in 1993?)

Awarded to persons who have, over a prolonged period of time, typically 15 years, done noteworthy work for the Civil Defense cause or in any other ways have made themselves worthy of a medal.
The regulations of this medal states that a maximum of 12 medals may be awarded each year.

Awarded by the presidium (President/MP and/or Country Commander) of Beredskabsforbundet at the annual national congress in may/june.

Design: Worn in a white ribbon with two wide red stripes at the ends and one small red stripe at the centre. The medal contains a Danish flag (Symbolizing Denmark), a bomb (symbolizing a threat) and a laurel wreath protecting the flag (Symbolizing the Civil Defence).
The flag, bomb and laurel wreath can also be seen in other medals, such as the Hæderstegn for God Tjeneste i Redningsberedskabet

Obverse of the medal – above specimen awarded to SkibDen in 2019
Reverse of the medal – above specimen awarded to SkibDen in 2019
Complete set as awarded by the Beredskabsforbundet. The recipient receives the medal itself, a diploma signed by the President and the Director, a copy of the motivation and a copy of the original statutes of the medal.