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August 17th 2018: For the third time I lost a lot of content on the MediaWiki platform - this time due to my webhost moving my database-server and changing it to a verion not supported by MediaWiki (I had to pay hundres USD to upgrade the server).. So.. Now we'are back to the good old basic HTML platform, and we are staying this way! Period!
I've lost the last 3 years of work, so it'll take me some time to get back on track.

2016:I transfered the content of the website, to the MediaWiki platform for the third time

January 1st 2015: Added notable recipients to "Medal of the Minister of Defense".
January 1st 2015: Put all the military stuff onto the same page in "My awards".

September 20th 2014:
-Tweaked "my awards". TRIED to make rank insignias more explanatory
-Rearranged "Historic medals" from olderst first to newest first
-Added "Royal Guard Hussar Regiment 400th anniversary commemorative medal" to "historic medals"
Summer 2014: I've been away from the site for some time. Tweaked and fixed almost every site. Huge update!
-Created the entire new section "military parawings"
-Created the entire new section "civilian parawings"
-Added Medalj for Samhällets Skydd to "My awards"
-Added SGAUS Membership medal to "My awards"
-Added Order of Merit, Order of Saint Isidore to "my awards"
-Added picture, notable recipients and more to Defence Medal for Meritorious Service
-Added a picture for the Badge of Honor of the Society of Danish Military Athletics
-Added new picture and text for the Fire Department Long Service Medal
-Added info to Nersornaat medal (Greenland)
-Added 3 "notable recipients" to the Danish Home Guard Medal of Merit
-Added AE-COPSD European Police Cross of Honor in Gold to "my awards"
-My awards-> rank insignia completely redesigned. I hope you like it and it gives a bit more sence now
-Updated "about"
-Added POW info on the Medal for Excellent Service
-Added First Aid Proficiency Badge

June 18th: Added ÖASG Blutspendemedaille to "My awards".
June 17th 2013: LOADS of fixes, typos, updated links, etc etc. Bigger changes are listed below:
-Added purchase-price for Civil defense and fire department long service badges+medals.
-Added pictures to "Defence medal for international service" in Libya and Operation Ocean Shield. Removed the old animated pictures.
-Added picture to Army Long Service Medal.
-Added picture to Queen Margrethe 70th Birthday medal.
-Added pictures to The Medal of Merit.
-Added First Aid Gold Proficiency Badge to "My Awards"
June 14th 2013: Added CSLI "Medal of Thanks with star" to "My awards".
March 5th 2013: Added Silver DOSB medal and Livjægerne badge to "My awards"
February 18th 2013: Added a to-do list at the frontpage
February 17th 2013: Made a lot of technical tweaks and changes. As a user you shouldn't be able to see it, but it makes editing a lot easier for myself.

November 10th 2012: Fixed several mistakes, bugs etc over the last 1½ month.
Added some stuff to the "My Awards" section.
September 30th 2012: Added: September 24th 2012: Added: September 23th 2012: Added the last medals of the "Royal Commemorative Medals" section.
September 13th 2012: Added even more medals to the "Royal Commemorative Medals"
September 12th 2012: Added several medals to "Royal Commemorative Medals"
September 11th 2012: Lots of small fixes. Added an automatic "Last updated" date to all content sites - Note that the earliest date of ALL sites are september 11th 2012. Changes to long service medal of the civil defense and fire brigades and to the civil defense international operations medal.
Added all the medals to the section "Royal Commemorative Medals". Now I'm just missing the pages. Hope to finish them soon
September 10th 2012: LOTS of bugfixes, added a lot of new stuff. Check it out. Remember to press F5 to see updates, if you are having problems gaining access to new content.
May 30th 2012: Added the Defense Medal for International Operations, Libya. Bugfixes and minor changes.
April 2nd 2012: Minor changes and additions to "Denmark". Started on the "Royal Commemorative" section.
March 24 2012: Added the Defense Medal for International Operations, Ocean Shield.
February 10th 2012: Denmark section complete.
February 9th 2012: Several small fixes. Updated "Denmark" and "About me".
February 8th 2012: Updates of Denmark Section
February 7th 2012: Updates of About Me
February 6th 2012: Updates of Denmark Section
January 28th 2012: The website have been closed for some time due to hacking. I have recieved a lot of emails asking me to open the website again, so I will. The website will go back to the old HTML-style, as it is safer than the MediaWiki platform.

Summer 2011: SkibDen closed and moved to due to hacking.

April 2010: Transition to MediaWiki website.
March 12th 2010: Added several new medals (royal commemorative and unofficial)
March 11th 2010: entered the beginning of the 90's and upgraded to HTML 2.0 with frames.
March 4th 2010: Pictures and new medals added
February 22nd 2010: Added a lot of pictures
February 19th 2010: EXCLUSIVE! First EVER website to show pictures and ribbons of the new Danish Military Medals!

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