My awards

This page is inspired by who have a similar collection of the medals that have been awarded to him.
My awards vary from official medals, unofficial medals, jubilee medals, membership medals, badges etc.

Most of the medals below are, according to Danish rules, VERY unofficial, but I have chosen to show them anyway.

Medals marked with * are approved for wear in Denmark (Either approved by the military or the royal house)

Danish medals

- Medal for International Service 1948-2009*
- Gardermarch Medaljen*
- Garderhusarregimentets 400 års erindringsmedalje*

ÖASG Medals

- Einsatzmedaille
- Jubiläumsmedaille 2009
- Blutspendemedaille

CSLI Medals

- "Medal of Thanks"
- Mission Cross
- Membership Medal

Sports Medals

- DOSB Badge*
- OSTA Badge*
- Danish Sports Badge*
- Presidential Active Lifestyle Award

Other Medals

- Swedish Civil Defense Association Medal of Honour*
- Companion of the Order of Omukama Chwa II Kabalega
- Medal for the sake of the society
- Mongolian Red Cross, "Humanity" Silver Medal
- AE-COPSD European Police Cross of Honor, Gold
- SGAUS Membership Medal
- OMSA Membership Medal

Other Awards (Wearable)
- Blood Donation Badge*
- Danish Parachute Association, Parachutewings*
- Danish Defense Brotherhood, Membership Insignia
- Military Proficiency Badge, Gold, First Aid*

Other Awards (Not wearable)
- Member of the Hall of Fame, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Uganda
- Order of Merit, Third Class, the Order of Saint Isidore of Seville

Everything else
- Rank Insignias
- Identification/Unit Badges, crests, etc (Emergency Services)
- Military badges, berets, insignias etc

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