Unit Insignia

This section contains all the different unit insignias/badges, crests etc. I have had.
Below are diffent rank insignias worn by me during my work in NGO's and in the EMS/Fire department

CSLI / Lazarus Union

Silver wing worn as Second-in-command of CSLI Denmark.
Gold wing worn a CIC of CSLI Denmark and later as member of the advisory board.

Civil Defense

National identification
Shoulder insignia worn by all Danish Civil Defense Personnel

Shoulder insignia worn by Civil Defense Personnel at DEMA Seeland

Insignia worn on the shirt of personnel assigned to the Volunteer Special Response Unit

Department Identification Cloth badge worn on shirts, jackets etc. by Danish Emergency Management Agency personnel

Fire Department & EMS

Ignis et Aqua EMS and Ignis et Aqua Ambulance. Private ambulance provider that runs a hearse (coroner) service for the police, provides ambulances for motor cross events, rally, etc., and conduct patient-transports for insurance companies.