Sports Medals

Deutsches Sportabzeichen
The German Sports Award may be awarded after completing a hard physical test, following the rules made by the German Sports Association (DOBS). The test must be overseen by a DOSB-Judge. For Danish readers, I can tell that I am a (the only Danish) DOSB-Judge. Please contact me, if you want this badge.
Awarded to me in Silver in 2012.

The German Sports Badge have Royal Approval in Denmark and may be worn on Danish Military Uniform.
Official Danish abbreviation: Ty.If.Mk.2.

Medal in bronze and silver.

Presidential Champions, Gold
The Presidential Champions Medal is a part of the United States "Presidential Challenge" where participants are encouraged to register their physical training online. Each registration awards the participant with X points depening on, length of training, activity etc.
The Presidential Champions Gold Medal took me about 1½-2 years to achieve.

Presidential Champions Gold - Worn around the neck, as a traditional sports-award.

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award
The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award may be awarded to participants of the US "Presidential Challenge" who have exercised on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time. Like the Presidential Champions, participants log their training online.

I am also a judge for both the US Presidential Challenges, so I can help you aquire the two above awards, if you are interested. Send me an email.

Danish Sports Badge - DGI Idrætsmærket
Awarded to Danes or foreigners who have completed a physical test.
Awarded to me a total of 5 times. See DGI Idrætsmærket for more information.

May be worn on the left arm of parade uniforms in the Danish Armed Forces

Das Österreichische Sport- und Turnabzeichen (ÖSTA)
The Austrian Sports Badge may be awarded after completing a physical test, much similar to the German Sports Badge. Judges for the German Sports Badge (DOSB) are also judges for the Austrian Sports Badge (ÖSTA).
The badge is awarded by the Austrian Bundeskanzleramt (Office of the Chancellor). Wikipedia
Awarded to me in 2010.

The Austrian Sports Badge may be worn on Danish Military Uniform as an "Educational Badge" (Same as parachute badges).

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