Other Medals

This section contains medals that do not fit in to any of the other categories.

Mongolian Red Cross, "Humanity" Silver Medal
The "Niguulsel¡" Silver Medal is awarded to individuals, special members, business enterprises, and institutions which have considerably contributed to strengthening the capacity and development of the National Society, and the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement.
Awarded to me in 2009 after 5 years of (very expensive) paid membership + leading an international fundraising campaign.

Some persons are known to have had their Mongolian Red Cross Medal approved for wear on their Danish Military Uniform.

AE-COPSD European Police Cross of Honor, Gold
The AE-COPSD is a non-profit pan-European organization that works to promote joint training and skills development for law enforcement officers in Europe. They organize shooting events, parajumps, sport events etc.
The Cross of Honor is given to policemen, corrections officers, soldiers and others who deserves a visual sign of their work. To be awarded for Cross of Honor a person must have a good service record, and must have served with honor, loyalty, integrity and courage.
I haven't actually asked in any way for this medal - It just came to me with the mail one day in 2009, so I must have a secret admirer?
I applied for the silver medal myself in 2013, but was awarded the gold medal due to merits.

Bronze and gold medal.

Medalj för samhällets skydd in Gold
Medal is assigned firefighters, security guards, airport and port inspectors, instructors from training companies operating in the security field and representatives of other professionals working for the protection of the society in a commend able manner during a period of at least 10 years and have performed the duties with efforts beyond the normal range.
Awarded in gold to me in 2014.
Website: Utmärkelse (Swedish - English PDF)

SGAUS Membership Medal
Awarded to members in good standing of the State Guard Association of the United States.

OMSA Membership Medal
Awarded to members in good standing of the Orders and Medals Society of America.

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