Other Badges

Danish Blood Donation Badge
The Blood Donation Badge is awarded to persons who have donated blood in Denmark either 10, 25 or 50 times.
Awarded to me in 2012 for my 10th donation.

Danish Parachute Union, Parawing
Awarded to members of the Danish Parachute Union, who have made a parachute jump.
The badge may only be worn on the sleeve of the Service Dress Uniform, and not on the normal Danish military uniform.
The cloth-badge is NOT permitted for wear, only the small metal badge is.
Awarded to me in 2010.

Danish Defence Brotherhood, Membership Insignia
Awarded to members of the Danish Defense Brotherhood.
The Danish Defense Brotherhood is an organization that works to promote the Danish defence in general, to promote a feeling of national pride, and to work as a social club for former (and current) servicemen.

Military Proficiency Badge, First Aid
Awarded to members of the Armed Forces for passing a proficiency test in First Aid.
The badge may be awarded to soldiers who complete a written test and 4 practical assignments related to First Aid.
Each test (Written + the 4 practical tests) may each give up to 20 points, points are deducted for each mistake made.
67 points gives a "Passed First Aid"
80 points give a bronze badge
90 points give a silver badge
95 points give a gold badge
May be worn on the Service Dress uniform or for Home Guard members on the Combat Service Dress.
Awarded to me in 2013 by the Danish Home Guard for scoring 95 points (1 wrong answer in the written exam and 2 mistakes made in the practical test).

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