Medals of the ÖASG - Österreichische Albert Schweitzer Gesellschaft

The ÖASG is an Austrian NGO that works by the principels of the Nobel Peaceprize winner Alberts Schweitzer.
The organization are active in a lot of the former communist nations in Eastern Europe and in Africa.
The ÖASG helps a lot with supplies for orphanages, hospital clinics etc.
If you have some cash to spare, the ÖASG is a very good place to put them.

The Einsatzmedaille (Mission Medal) can be awarded members of the police, armed forces, civil defense etc., who have been deployed on missions in their home country or on international missions. The medal may be awarded in gold for lifesaving work.
Awarded to me in 2009 for national Civil Defense missions in 2008.

Einsatzmedaille in silver, straight ribbon
Website: Einsatzmedaille (German)

Jubiläumsmedaille 2009
The 25 Years Jubilee Medal was awarded to all members of the ÖASG in 2009, the year of the ÖASGs 25th birthday. Also awarded to members of the public who have done a noteworthy deed for the cause.
Awarded to me, as a member of the ÖASG in 2009.

Jubilee Medal in straight ribbon
Website: Jubiläumsmedaille 2009 (German)

Awarded by the ÖASG for blood donations in 3 classes bronze, silver and gold for either 10, 20 and 30 times (Of usually 0,5 L blood). May be awarded to anyone who have donated blood either 10, 20 or 30 times, no mather their nationality.
Awarded in bronze to me in 2013 for my 10th blood donation.
The medal is quite popular as there are a lot of countries who lack proper awards for blood donors..
Website: Blutspendemedaille der ÖASG (German)

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