Danish Medals

This section contains Danish medals awarded to me, both official and unofficial.
Remember to take a look at "Other Awards (wearable) to see other official non-medal awards.

Garderhusarregimentets 400 Śrs erindringsmedalje
Instituted to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Guard Hussar Regiment.
Awarded to me in the summer 2014 as a token of appreciation (I can't remember the date and recipients are awarded a diploma with the medal)
The medal is awarded to members of the Hussar Regiment, to helpers during the celebrations as a sign of appreciation or it may be purchased by old guardsmen (Not sure about the procedure on that last part).

This medal is a bit strange, compared to normal Danish medals. The medal have been approved and instituted by Queen Margrethe, but it's not allowed for wear on a general basis. In the year 2014 the medal may be worn at any Hussar Regiment celebrations. After the year 2014 the medal may only be worn at the annual Hussar Regiment Birthday Parade or any internal parades.

Opdateret d. 20.9.2014