Medals of the CSLI - Corps Saint Lazare International

The CSLI is an Austria based international NGO that works in all areas of charity. The organization does a lot of work for the elderly, disabled and the homeless.

CSLI "Medal of Thanks"
As a part of the Cross of Honor, the commanders of either the whole of CSLI, a national or regional chapter have a special grade of medal, that he may award to anyone who he seems especially fit for such an honor. Since the CSLI is a privately funded NGO it is normal for members to pay for their medals - This is, as a special honor, the only medal awarded where everything, including shipping, is paid by the CSLI.
The medal awarded to me is the "Cross of Thanks with star", awarded to me by the Board of the CSLI.

Website: CSLI Cross of Honour and Special Awards

CSLI Mission Cross
The CSLI Mission Cross may be awarded to members of the CSLI for X hours of volunteer work for the organization.
Awarded to me in the first grade for volunteer work.

Website: CSLI Mission Cross

CSLI Membership Medal in silver
Awarded to member of the CSLI, who are in good standing. Silver grade awarded after 5 years of membership.

Website: CSLI Membership Medal

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