Welcome to the Proficiency badges section.

Proficiency badges
The Proficiency badges are based on practical and theoretical tests and exams, that are used to judge the level of basic skills of a Danish soldier within specific areas.
The soldier may take a test where points are deducted for mistakes.
When having completed the test points are calculated and one of five results are given based on the number of points: Failed, passed, passed+bronze, passed+silver and passed+gold.
Click the pictures, to read more. If the badge name is surrounded by XX there are no futher information available at this time.
Pic? Category (Marked X, no futher info)
XMachine GunX
XSub Machine GunX
First Aid
XAircraft RecognitionX
XArmored RecognitionX
XShip RecognitionX
XOrderly/Runner (Batman)X
XCommunications, ArmyX
XCommunications, NavyX
XDog HandlerX
XCombat Information (Navy)X
XCombat SwimmerX
XField MarksmanshipX

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