Welcome to the Shoulder tab section.

Below are different shoulder tabs from the Danish Army and from the Danish Home Guard. As to my knowledge all are worn on the left shoulder.
I know there are loads of unofficial tabs out there, and I've added those I know. If you know any other please send me an email.

Picture Information
Tab for Army EOD personnel
Tab for Military Police personnel
Tab for Military Legal Advisors
Tab for members of "Jægerskorpset", the Danish SOF "Huntercorps". The tab is awarded after at least one year of service and after completion of the entire Huntercorps training
Army patrol course Instructor
Army patrol course, conducted by the Huntercorps/Jægerkorpset
Army patrol course, graduated before 1991
Old Danish Home Guard Patrolcourse
New Danish Home Guard Basic Patrol Course
HJV-PTR New Danish Home Guard Advanced Patrol Course. Same as the basic, but in gold. Picture wanted
SKYDELÆRER Danish Home Guard Shooting Instructor. Picture wanted
TACP Unofficial - Tactical Air Control Party is a term for a Forward Air Controller. Picture wanted
MOVCON MOVement CONtrol from DANILOG used an unofficial MOVCON tab. Picture wanted

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