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Shoulder-/whistle cords
Below are different shoulder cords from the Danish Armed Forces. As to my knowledge all are worn on the left shoulder.
If you know any other, than listed below, please send me an email.

Due to the size of the pictures, click the color to see the picture.
Picture Information
Green The green whistle cords is used by Military Police (MP's) during field duty and by members of the Home Guard Army Police units. The Home Guard Police Units are not really a police-unit, especially when compated to MP's - The Home Guard units have no special police powers, except traffic regulation; Their primary task. If Home Guard Police units need to arrest a person, they can only detain them, as can any person in Denmark who witnesses a violent crime.
White The plain white whistle cords are used by Military Police (MP's) on office- or ceremonial duties. The white cord is NOT used by the volunteer Home Guard Police units.
Blue Blue whistle cords are used by both volunteer and employed "bevogningsassistenter", Air Force Security Guards. The Home Guard Security Guards are trained to the same level as the fulltime employed guards and are responsible for access control on Air Foces bases. They are the only personnel group in the Home Guard to be trained on peberspray and pistols (M/49 - Neuhausen)
White and Green Used by musicians in the Army Home Guard
White and Blue Used by musicians in the Air Force Home Guard
White and Dark Blue Used by musicians in the Navy Home Guard
White and Black Used by the Army Home Guard Military Tattoo Company (Of which the website admin is a member). The whistle cord is not a part of the official Home Guard uniform regulations but have been approved for wear by the Commander of the Home Guard Region.
Black The plain black whistle cord is 100% unofficial but have been used by some Army units on international deployments.

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