Krigsminde Medaillen 1848-1850
Krigsminde Medaillen 1864
Krigsminde Medaillen 1848-1850 og 1864
War Medal 1848-1850
War Medal 1864
War Medal 1848-1850 og 1864

Instituted in 1848 and 1877. Read more below.

Awarded for participation in the war 1848-1850, the war in 1864 or for participation in both wars.

It was decided in 1848 to create a medal for participation in the war (1848-1850), and some medals where struck.
In 1851 it was decided not to give out any medals anyway, and those stuck were re-melted.
In 1872 a committee made by the "weapons brotherhood" asked for a medal.
The application was approved in 1875, and in february 1877 a total of 40.000 medals were awarded.

Those who participated in both the 1848-1850 and the 1864 campaigns got a special medal. 3000 of these were struck.

Obverse and reverse of the medal for the 1848-1850 war. Image courtesy of

Obverse of the medal for the 1864 war. Image courtesy of Megan.

Obverse and reverse of the medal for both the wars. Note the double king portrait showing both King Christian IX and King Frederik VII. Image courtesy of

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