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On this site there are historical and no-longer-awarded medals of Denmark.
Note that there are also historical and no-longer-awarded medals in the "Royal Commemorative Section". This section contains no longer awarded medals, that are NOT commemorating a specific event in the Royal House.
Sortet by date. Newest medals are first. The medals are sorted in two sections, one before and one after WW2.

After 1939
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2 Garderhusarregimentetes 400 års erindringsmedalje Royal Guard Hussar Regiment 400th anniversary commemorative medal
Forsvarets Medalje for Faldne og Sårede The Defence Medal for Killed And Wounded
Forsvarets Medalje The Defence Medal
2 Koreamedaljen (Jutlandiamedaljen) The Korean Medal
2 Kong Christian X's Erindringsmedalje Medal for Participation in the War 1939-1945
3 Røde Kors medalje for krighjælpearbejde 1939-1945 Red Cross medal 1939-1945
3 Pro Dania Pro Dania
Before 1939
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2 Den Slesvigske Eringdringsmedaille af 1920 Slesvig Commemorative Medal 1920
2 Dansk Røde Kors Mindetegn for Dansk Krigsfangehjælp 1914-1919 Red Cross Medal for Aid to POW's 1914-19
2 Krigsminde Medaillen 1848-1850 og 1864 War medal 1848-1850 og 1864
-None- Kong Christian 9.'s Æresgave til de Slesvigske Kvinder King Christian 9th Gift of Honor for the Ladies of Slesvig
1 Krigsminde Medaillen 1864 War medal 1864
-None- Medaljen for Tapper Daad 1864 Medal for Bravery 1864
-None- Medaljen for Fædrelandskærlighed 1848 Medal for Patriotism 1848
-None- Medaljen for Tapperhed 1848 Medal for Bravery 1848
-None- Kong Frederik 7.'s Æresgave til de Slesvigske Kvinder King Frederik 7th Gift of Honor for the Ladies of Slesvig
2 Krigsminde Medaillen 1848-1850 War medal 1848-1850
-None- Medaljen for Driftige Islændere Medal for Enterprising Icelanders
-None- Kong Frederik 7.'s Belønningsmedalje Medal of Recompense, King Frederik VII
-None- Hæderstegn for Forligskommissærer Medal for Conciliation Officers
-None- Hæderstegnet for Slaget på Reden 1801 Medal of Honor for the Battle of Copenhagen 1801