Forsvarets Medalje for International Tjeneste, Ocean Shield
The Defence Medal for International Service, Ocean Shield

Official abbreviation: Unknown

Instituted ? by Queen Margrethe 2nd.

Awarded to members of the Danish Defense who have been deployed on the NATO "Operation Ocean Shield" for X days

Design: Worn in a red ribbon narrow white line at both edges. Obverse contains the 3 danish lions. The reverse have a laurel wreath and inscription of place and date

Other information: The second mission is denoted by an oak leaf device, the third by a gold leaf device, fourth mission by a silver and a gold oak leaf device and fifth mission by two gold oak leaf devices.
Operation Ocean Shield is the pirate hunting mission at the horn of Africa.
The medal is given as a supplement to the official NATO medal.
Official decree (Danish)

Medal for International Service, Ocean Shield, Obverse. Image courtesy of Forsvaret

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