Forsvarets Medalje for International Tjeneste, ISAF
The Defence Medal for International Service, ISAF

Official abbreviation: Unknown

Instituted January 1st 2010 by Queen Margrethe 2nd.

Awarded to members of the Danish Defense who have been deployed to Afghanistan for a minimum of 30 days.

Design: Worn in a red ribbon with a wide centre stripe in white and two white narrow stripes at the edges. Obverse contains the 3 danish lions. The reverse have a laurel wreath and inscription of place and date (Example: Afghanistan 2010).

Other information: The second mission is denoted by an oak leaf device, the third by a gold leaf device, fourth mission by a silver and a gold oak leaf device and fifth mission by two gold oak leaf devices.
The medal is given as a supplement to the official NATO medal.
Official decree (Danish)

Medal for International Service, ISAF, Obverse. Image courtesy of Robert Prummel/Wikipedia

Medal for International Service, ISAF, Image courtesy of ?

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