Beredskabsforbundets Hæderstegn
The Badge of Honor of the League of Civil Defence

Official abbreviation: C.F.F.H.

Instituted November 9th. 1956 and Approved November 30th. 1956 by King Frederik 9th.

Awarded to persons who have, over a prolonged period of time, typically 15 years, done noteworthy work for the Civil Defense cause or in any other ways have made themselves worthy of a medal.
The regulations of this medal states that a maximum of 12 medals may be awarded each year.

Design: Worn in a white ribbon with two wide red stripes at the ends and one small red stripe at the centre. The medal contains a Danish flag (Symbolizing Denmark), a bomb (symbolizing a threat) and a laurel wreath protecting the flag (Symbolizing the Civil Defence).
The flag, bomb and laurel wreath can also be seen in other medals, such as the Civil Defense Long Service Medal.

Obverse of the medal. Image courtesy of

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